smbtar/smbclient recovery problem

Jim Secan jim at
Thu Jun 15 10:55:38 GMT 2000

I am having trouble using tar (or gtar) to recover files built using smbtar
and smbclient (v2.0.4b).  The files are loaded on an exabtye tape - the
script runs on a Sun/Solaris-7 box and the files being tar'd are on an NT
box (v4sp5).  There are no error messages when the tape is built, but when
I try to read it tar will just stop about 1/3 of the way in (total size is
about 850MB).  After transferring this file to disk using dd, I found that
tar was stopping at a point where the name of the file to be recovered was
no longer at the start of a block (standard 512-byte blocks).  This offset
is retained for a while, then it offsets again (not the same amount).

Anyone out there seen this behavior before?  Didn't see anything in a
search of the archive.

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