Dynamic Scripts and user groups

Ashley Drees ash at trellick.net
Wed Jun 14 10:57:58 GMT 2000

Hi All   

Hi All

I have a complex system that has many shares and many groups.. of course 
the groups conincide with the shares...

at the moment I have to manually create the login script and then change 
it whenever I move someone from one group to anther... 

so I have been looking at dynamic logons.. though I have it working I am 
not good enough at perl at the moment to get the group names into the 

basically what ever groups the user is in... match shares on the 
server.. if they are in a group then they get the share.... anyperlcoder 
wanna give me a pointer...

I am reading faqs and camel books.. but sometimes a friendly pointer is 
a great time saver.


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