Can't save to a 777

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Jun 13 02:47:34 GMT 2000

[Jeff Honken <jhonken at>]
> I have Samba working well on my Linux 6.1 server with one exception.

Wow, I feel old.  I remember way back in mid-2000 when we were all
waiting for Linux version 2.4 to be released.  Where did the time go?


> I can save a file to the server with windows explorer and retrieve
> it.  I can open a file with notepad or any other application.  I
> can't save it once I've opened it.  It claims I don't have
> permissions.  I've given it 777.  What can be wrong?

Do you have permission to write to the directory in question?  Saving a
file is often implemented in terms of delete/rename, which of course
has nothing to do with permissions on the file itself.


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