Ali Faiez taha aftaha at
Mon Jun 12 18:47:10 GMT 2000

Dear Sirs.

I'm trying to make a Backup System using SAMBA.
The purpose is make backup of some directory of Windows 9x machines,
like Office Documents, E-mails directory, etc. 
If I make one software that "select" and backup certain directories, it
will be good.
There are ~200 machines with Windows 9x, in 5 C class network:

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -

Today I have a SAMBA machine (with Linux) in USER  configuration,
sharing some directories (with some softwares) and running WINS.
These networks are running ok and all their machines can see my SAMBA
machine, get copies and install some Softwares.

The Windows 9x users don't need login to the Backup Machine. The System
will do it at specified time and do a backup of the newer files. The
references that I suppose is the IP machine (Windows 9x machine).

The System appears a ArcServer Backup System.

There are a System (for Linux or FreeBSD) that make this ?

Someone can help me ?

Thanks a lot.

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