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Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Jun 11 04:36:36 GMT 2000

[dxf at <dxf at>]
> Compiling client/clitar.c
> Linking bin/smbclient
> /usr/lib/libreadline.a(shell.o): In function `get_home_dir':
> shell.o(.text+0x11c): multiple definition of `get_home_dir'
> lib/username.o(.text+0x974): first defined here

This is readline's fault.  (I'm reporting it as a bug.)  It is being a
very bad library, exporting one hundred functions and variables outside
the namespace {rl_*,_rl_*}.  To see them, do:

  nm -D /lib/ | grep ' [BDT] '

The temporary workaround would be to recompile Samba with some flag
like -Dget_home_dir=X_get_home_dir .

Or, if you don't care about the usability of tools like smbclient and
rpcclient, you can compile without readline support.

Note that readline v2, while just as bad as readline v4 with regards to
its namespace, does not happen to have anything called get_home_dir.


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