2.0.05a smbmount problem

Scott Warrick swarrick at ara.com
Wed Jun 7 15:40:06 GMT 2000

I think that I have found what I consider a bug using smbmount 2.0.05a that
came with linux 6.1, and also have a question at the end of this e-mail.
I can successfully mount a shared drive from a windows NT machine using the
following format.

smbmount //computername/sharedfolder /mountpoint -U username%password

I can manipulate folders and files from the linux computer with no problem.
However when I create a file in this mounted directory on the NT machine, I
do not see them from the unix machine..  For instance I created a new text
file and put it in the sharedfolder that was mounted.  I did an ls and the
linux machine does not show the file in the directory listing.  I can
however edit the file from the linux machine even though I cannot see it but
doing an ls.

Also, is smbmount only available on linux machines?  I have samba on a SGI
and did not find smbmount.

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