2.0.05a smbmount problem

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Wed Jun 7 22:30:02 GMT 2000

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Scott Warrick wrote:

> I think that I have found what I consider a bug using smbmount 2.0.05a that
> came with linux 6.1, and also have a question at the end of this e-mail.
> I can successfully mount a shared drive from a windows NT machine using the
> following format.
> smbmount //computername/sharedfolder /mountpoint -U username%password
> I can manipulate folders and files from the linux computer with no problem.
> However when I create a file in this mounted directory on the NT machine, I
> do not see them from the unix machine..  For instance I created a new text
> file and put it in the sharedfolder that was mounted.  I did an ls and the
> linux machine does not show the file in the directory listing.  I can
> however edit the file from the linux machine even though I cannot see it but
> doing an ls.

It is a smbfs bug/problem, not smbmount. Of course that doesn't help you

I assume you are running the kernel that came with RedHat 6.1?
(or do you mean something else by linux 6.1? there is no such thing as
 linux 6.1 ... and probably not for a few years to come).

Does the file appear after a while? I think it's supposed to. A read of a
directory in smbfs is considered valid for a short time, so if you read it
again it doesn't check with the server if anything changed, until that
time has expired.

> Also, is smbmount only available on linux machines?  I have samba on a SGI
> and did not find smbmount.

IRIX doesn't have smbfs, and smbmount is very closely linked to smbfs.


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