Auth problem

Duncan Hill dhill at
Wed Jul 26 13:12:17 GMT 2000

I am experiencing a peculiar, intermittent authentication problem with
Samba and an NT4 PDC.  Some days I am able to authenticate to the
Samba shares, other days I am not.  Other people in the same office on
the same physical network are also able to connect.

The error I get on a bad day is:
NetwkstaUserLogon gave error 5
password server SECURE failed NetWkstaUserLogon
NT Password did not match ! Defaulting to Lanman

I have set unencrypted passwords in my workstation registry about 4
times now, that has done nothing.  I have changed the password on the
PDC, no go.  Workstation is W2k.

Is the error indicative of password failure or server failure?



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