SAMBA 2.0.7

Dave Reed dreed at
Fri Jul 21 20:16:18 GMT 2000

> From: Yu-Kang Tsao <nathanatwork at>
> Dear Samba team:
> I just download SAMBA 2.0.7 from 
> and I have already installed SAMBA 2.0.6 which come
> with my red head linux 6.2 CD.  But the 2.0.7 SAMBA is
> conflict with SAMBA 2.0.6.  and it will not allow me
> to install the latest version of SAMBA.  It gives me
> error messages while I am trying to install samba2.0.7
> "Conflicts with file from package
> samba-common-2.0.6-9"
> And when I want to remvoe SAMBA 2.0.6, it gives me
> another error message: 
> "The following dependency problem occurred 
> Samba-client-2.0.6-9 requires 
> Samba-common=2.06"
> So I cannot install the latest samba and I can not
> remove my older version of samba 2.0.6.  It won't let
> me remove my older samba 2.0.6.  
> Could you help me to uninstall SAMBA 2.0.6 and upgrade
> to the newer version of SAMBA 2.0.7 ?  Thank you very
> much.  
> Sincerely
> Nathan

There are samba 2.0.7 RPMS in the updates section for RedHat 6.2 that
will mesh with the current setup you ahve.


or another mirror.

Download the 3 samba files and do an rpm -Uvh *.rpm

If you really insist on using the one you've already downloaded, you
probably need to rpm -e the 3 samba files that are already installed
(all on one line) and then rpm -Uvh the new one.

In either case, make a copy of your current /etc/smb.conf beforehand
just to be safe.


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