Client frequent disconnection + strange logs

François Désarménien francois at
Fri Jul 21 14:50:52 GMT 2000

David Collier-Brown wrote:
> François Désarménien wrote:
> | in the log.machine, I find at the same timestamp close requests,
> | followed by two line of the form:
> | [timestamp]lib/doscalls.c:dos_ChDir(336) dos_ChDir to
> /var/sauvegarde
> | [timestamp]connexion closed for user compta
> | and then a reconnection to the same user, at the same timestamp.
>         Hmmn, people seem to be reporting that a lot these days...
>         Normally it indicates one of
>                 - an error on the client
>                 - the client timing out
>                 - an error seen by the client
>         One commentator had a bad hub, another only saw
>         it on a particular machine, others didn'd see
>         anything unique that might cause it...

I thought of that, of course. Well, if "people seem to be reporting
that a lot these days", I'll first try to downgrade to 2.0.5a, which
I have running without trouble on many sites.

>         Can you look at your net with a snooper (eg, etherial,
>         tcpdump) and look for suspicious packets just before the
>         disconnection?  The chap with the bad hub was seeing (if
>         memory serves) truncated packets.

Yes, this will be the second try, as it is *much* more time (and disk:)
consuming. I've been hurt with a bad hub one day, this can effectively
leads to strange phenomenon...
> | [timestamp]PAM_pwdb: (login) authentication failure;
>         (uid 0) -> compta for samba service
>         This look like a normal failure reported by the pam module

Except that nobody's trying to conect on 'compta' account, and it is
the samba account the wind'oz client's trying to reconnect...

And the dos_ChDir to /var/sauvegarde really puzzles me :-o

Many thanks for your time and answer,


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