Samba usage in UK Universities

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Fri Jul 21 14:26:46 GMT 2000

Around last weekend I sent out a query to find out which Universities
(UK most interested in) and large organisations were using Samba.
I sent this to both the samba mailing list and the UK academic samba-uk list.

Here is a list of organisations that said they were using samba and
agreed to the publicity (note in some cases these are parts of
an organisation, and may be in the miniority):

UK University:

Aberdeen University
Association of Commonwealth Universities
Bristol University
Brunel University
De Montfort University
Durham University
Goldsmiths College
LSE (London scool of Economics)
QMW (3rd party report)
South Birmingham College
UCL (University College, London)
UEA (University of East Anglia)
Unversity of Wales, Aberystwyth
University of Wales, Bangor
York University

Other University:

Auburn University (USA)
Luleå University of Technology (Sweden)
Mainz University (Germany)
Oregon State University (USA)


Eurostat (European Commission)
Cisco (3rd party report)
British Airways (3rd party report)

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