Diagnosis Tests - Failed #5

Matt Neimeyer matt at rbasetechnologies.com
Thu Jul 20 19:16:50 GMT 2000

I'm working on the first of a few Samba machines for our network.

It's running RedHat 6.2 and Samba 2.0.7.

On the NT 4.0 side of things I can see the machine (with the correct name) 
if I do NET VIEW or look in the Network Neighborhood. However, when I do 
"NET VIEW \\SambaServer" I get an Error 5 Access Denied. (Test 8)

So I started on the diagnosis and got to Item 5.

When I issue "nmblookup -B ntserver '*'" I get back the IP Address of the 
Samba Box. I'm guessing that's not what I should get back. I'm guessing I 
should get back the IP Address of the "ntserver".

I have host allow set to ALL (do I need to do something else? I didn't 
quite understand that part of the doc) and I don't have anything in the 
host deny (on the theory that anyone should be able to see this machine.

I'm also setting "map to guest" if there is a bad user. (My goal was that 
anyone should be able to get to the shares on this machine...)

Test 6 and 7 work fine... 8 fails as i mentioned above and obviously I 
can't do 9 since I need to be able to see the share from NT before I can 
map it.

Test 10 returns the correct master browser (this is the machine I tried in 
Test 5 and it failed, this machine is also the PDC for the domain). Since 
this works and test 5 fails, does this mean I should change my lookup 
order? It's "lmhosts host wins bcast" right now (I don't have a WINS server 
on our network...)

Test 11 I'm not sure if this would work given the failure of test 8 and 5 
so I didn't try it.

I'm not sure it matters but my security is set to USER and the WORKGROUP is 
set to the name of the domain. I'm also using DHCP to configure my netcard 
and I can browse the internet (via our gateway/firewall) perfectly fine.

Any advice on where to look from here?



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