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Wed Jul 19 11:55:59 GMT 2000


Thanks for the hard work.  While I love to delve into my two Linux
boxes, the reality of the world is that there are LOTS of MS users out
there.  My wife is less computer literate than I, and more than one OS
is more than she can handle.  Giving here a Windows 98 computer and
letting here store shared files on the "S:" (for server) drive fills her
needs, and makes life VERY simple for me.

I have 15 years experience in journalism, and would be interested in
helping with the Samba project.  I am also the Assistant CIO for
Research at a graduate level University.  I would like to offer my
services in proofing/dressing up the Samba documentation.  It's been
awhile, but I've done documentation in the past, and feel the
distractions some people experience when they come upon a typo will
detract from having Linux accepted as a serious OS.

Bruce Warner

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