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David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Mon Jul 17 17:41:41 GMT 2000

"Hawks, Steven L" wrote:
> We are looking for another solution besides Samba, which will allow our
> application developers using Windows 95/98/NT to access share on our Sun Box
> running Solaris 2.6 operating systems. Our supervisor feels the Samba
> installation process is more complex than what we really need.

	Well, you could just simplify the installation!
	Make a tar image of a minimal member server,
	rooted at /, so that you have the /etc/rc3.d/sXXsamba.server
	startup files plus all the binaries and config stuff,
	all with proper permissions.

	This should make installations trivial: it's a variant
	on how .pkg files work.

	In principle, you untar on the target machine, start swat
	on your admin machine pointed at the target machine,
	apply machine-specific changes and disconnect.  About
	10 minutes total.
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