File contents not saving

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Jul 10 10:56:01 GMT 2000

On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Simon Marafioti wrote:

> To Support Team,
> Everytime I try to save a file from my Linux Machine, to my WINDOWS 98
> Second Edition PC, the file properties overwrite the existing file's
> properties, but the file contents itself doesn't seem to save.

file properties = modification date and such?

> At the moment I am running Samba 1.9.18, on a Celeron 500MHZ machine.

What client are you using, smbclient or smbfs (smbmount) or what?

If smbfs then I have the following questions:
+ what kernel version?
+ what editor/program are you using when saving?
  (describe what you are doing in more detail)
+ do you get any errors in your syslog? (man dmesg)
+ does the following work:
	% echo hello > /mnt/smb/a-file
	% echo hello again > /mnt/smb/a-file
	% echo hello again > /mnt/smb/b-file
	% echo hello2 > /mnt/smb/b-file
  (mnt/smb is your smbfs mountpoint)

> Should I try running a later version of Samba?

If you are using smbclient, then yes. For smbfs it shouldn't matter.


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