Samba conf. problem - NetBIOS problem?

George Adams learningapache at
Mon Jul 10 03:37:06 GMT 2000

Thanks to those who wrote and suggested I remove NetBEUI from my Win95 machines.  Here's the next chapter in the story:

First, based on another suggestion, I tried "netstat -a" on the Win95 machine "secretary".  It didn't show any kind of traffic on ports 137-139 (even though files WERE being shared at the time).  

Next, I tried removing NetBEUI from "secretary", leaving only TCP/IP bound to the NIC.  The box in the TCP/IP->NIC window under NetBIOS that says "I want to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP" is grayed out, but it IS checked.
MS Client and File/Print sharing were still installed, and both were bound to TCP/IP, which was bound to the NIC.

However, once I removed NetBEUI and rebooted, I could no longer see any computers under Network Neighborhood.  When I tried to do a "NET USE * \\somemachine\someshare" in DOS, it gave me this error: "You must log on before performing this operation."
Now the Win95 login box DOES still pop up when I boot the computer, and I'm still using "Client For MS Networks" as my Primary Network Logon. Yet my local file/print sharing connection were gone.  

The only way I could once again see the other Win95 machines on the LAN was to reinstall NetBEUI.
Does that mean NetBIOS isn't being shared over TCP/IP after all?  Why not?


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