Non-ASCII characters in smbclient

Harald Wellmann Harald.Wellmann at
Mon Jul 10 07:22:49 GMT 2000

I cannot get smbclient (or smbmount) to display iso8859-1
characters (umlauts) correctly...

I'm trying to access an NT 4.0 service from a Linux client
using smbclient 2.0.6

My settings in /etc/smb.conf are

   client codepage = 850
   character set = ISO8859-1
   valid chars = ü:Ü ä:Ä ö:Ö ß	

But all codepage characters get messed up, e.g. 
ü (udiaeresis) -> ³ (threesuperior).

Looking at the code tables, it seems that for some reason the
cp850 -> iso8859-1 mapping gets applied *twice*, which causes the
error: The iso8859-1 hex code of udiaeresis is just the cp850
hex code of threesuperior.

Am I missing anything obvious (e.g. environment variables - but I
tried both LANG=C and LANG=de)? Or is this a bug?

Any hints greatly appreciated...


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