Win98/Samba and case sensitivity

Tyers, Peter J Peter.J.Tyers at
Mon Jul 10 07:05:20 GMT 2000

We run SAMBA on a Unix box with case sensitive file naming (i.e. standard
Unix usage). 
Relevant entries in smb.conf
case sensitive = yes
mangled map = (*.html *.htm)

Using NT4 clients no problems are experienced in accessing files and
navigating directories. Have a (small) client base using Win98SE which can
map top level folders on the Samba server but cannot navigate. Problem is
identified as Win98 sending filenames in upper case to Samba server which
searches case sensitive and returns "not found". NT4 preserves case.

Does anyone know of registry key to add/modify to cause Win98 to preserve
case when using SMB? Win98 displays correct case when the initial mapping is
done but requests for navigation (and/or properties) are incorrectly

I have another (undesirable) fix available, which is to set the Samba server
to be case insensitive but this leaves a gaping hole whereby two files
differing only in case could be incorrectly retrieved (or worse the
incorrect one overwritten). Any other suggestions as alternative to the two

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