AIX questions

Graham Cameron graham.cameron at
Fri Jul 7 13:46:45 GMT 2000

I have a couple of questions re samba.
I am running on AIX, but I believe both questions may be generic.

1. The O'Reilly book refers to smbsh but it's not on the AIX distribution.
   Is smbsh in the same category as smbmount, which the documentation 
   suggests is linux only and in any case unsupported? If so, more's the

2. I'm using smbtar to back up my NT server to unix using "-t -" to cause 
   output to go to stdout, so I can pipe it directly into gzip. 
   It would be nice to use "-v" to capture a log of what is going on, but 
   this causes some output to go to stdout, where it screws up the stuff 
   being piped. Some, but not all, log info goes to stderr, it would be 
   nice if it all did (like tar does, in fact).

Thanks in advance.

Graham Cameron
Systems Manager

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