Samba And and NetApp Filer

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Jul 5 19:59:51 GMT 2000

On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Kenneth Oakeson wrote:

> I need some help. I can map the NetApp filer, but when I do a 'ls' in the
> directory I get errors. Saying that the file or directory does not exist and
> I know the directories and files do, you can see them when you map the
> NetApp with NT. If you know the name of the directory you can change into

These messages, right? (Yepp, I did see your previous message)

"ls: : No such file or directory."

> it. I can also map NT with samba just fine with no problems. The NetApp is
> running a CIFS server so it should work. Also it will show some files in the
Which server is that? (hmm, looking at trying to guess what
a netapp really is ... nope, but lots of flashy .pdf's :)

I think "should work" depends a lot of how many deviations from the
non-specification are included in that implementation ...

> root of a drive or folder once you change into it, but the last character on
> every file is missing. I think this might be a bug in samba but it could be
> a bug in the NetApp, Please help. Does anyone have any ideas.


What kernel version are your client running?
What version of samba does your smbmount come from?

Could you enable SMBFS_DEBUG_VERBOSE in smbfs?

Edit fs/smbfs/Makefile in your linux kernel source tree and add a new line
recompile and install.

That should produce a lot of log output and maybe it is possible to see
what is happening from that. Do a few simple commands:
+ mount the share
+ do an ls in the root of the share
+ cd into a directory
+ do an ls
+ cd /
+ unmount the share
+ make a copy of the logs generated

You may want to setup syslog to send kernel messages to a separate file,
if you don't already have that, something like this would be fine:
kern.*				/var/log/kernel

Unfortunately there is a bug in the debug output, it assumes some names
are null terminated which they are not. So you will get strange messages
like this:
    smb_find_in_cache: found CREDITSCOPYINGarch

That is unfortunately perfectly normal. If you don't get these, then the
compile/install step failed somehow (there is a howto on compiling your
own kernels on, or your local LDP mirror).


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