smbfs input/output error

Gregory Walter gsw at
Mon Jan 31 20:45:59 GMT 2000

Hello All,

    I had a problem with 2.0.3 on RH6.0 (linux) where a mount of an NT
server share on my linux machine would mysteriously die after a period of
time (a long time? not being used? don't know why, but hours of unuse).  I
would get an "input/output error" when I tried to do a df later.  To get
around the problem, I found I needed to "umount" (not smbumount) the
directory and then smbumount it again.  I was told this would be fixed in

    In 2.0.6 the problem is worse!  I see the same mysterious mount failure
after an unspecified amount of time.  And I was still able to umount the
directory so I could do a df without any failures or warnings.  But now I
can't remount the NT shares for anything.  I even rebooted the Linux machine
and the NT server.  I consistently get the followiing:

execvp of smbmnt failed. Error was No such file or directory.smbmnt failed:
mount.smbfs: ioctl failed, res=-1
Could not umount /net/lima/c: Invalid argument
mount.smbfs: exit

    Can anyone help with this?  And to get around all these smbmount
problems in samba, does anyone know if I can run the smbfs utilities to
mount NT shares which was a separate package required before smbfs was put
into samba i.e., will they coexist with samba on my machine?



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