Why does backing up a Windows workstation bog it down so?

Jon Shemitz jon at midnightbeach.com
Mon Jan 31 20:00:59 GMT 2000

I just put a DAT drive in my Linux box, and used it to back up the whole
LAN. While the Windows boxes are being backed up, they get VERY slow.
They don't get this slow when I do a find file, or any other disk
intensive activity locally, and when I do that, the disk light is on
pretty much full-time - doing backup, it seems to be on only about 50%
of the time.

Is this some horribly bad code in the Windows SMB modules or what? (It
seems like it might be bad use of memory - when the backup is done, all
the cached program modules seem to have been purged, and even bringing
up (file) Explorer involves a lot of disk IO.)


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