Slow writes from MS-DOS LanMan Client to Samba server

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Jan 31 13:04:07 GMT 2000

You wrote:
| If I start the notebook with dos I can copy easily and
| fast (whatever fast is) from the linux machine to my c drive. If
| I do this vice versa from my c drive to the Share i connected it
| is so slow that you can drink 5 cups of coffee while copying 10MB
| to the net. And when I say slow means this 2.5 minutes for 10
| MB!!! - 

	Yoiks! This kind of speed difference usually means something 
	horrible has happened: in the past 6 months, a fair number
	of people have found misbehaving ethernet cards, specifically
	including 3com cards, which had decided to go into full duplex
	on half-duplex hubs, 10baseT to 100baseT hubs, or just fail

	I'd try a test with ftp, to see if it's samba or something
	at a lower level: 

| The test say 2 MB per sec in each direction.. what is this??

	Must be 100baseT on an IDE disk (:-)) I would find 7-900 KB/S
	on  10baseT to be normal (65-80% of theoretical), and might
	hope to see 75% of 100baseT if nothing else is interfering.
	discusses this in more detail...

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