Win98 / smbmount problem

Douglas Eck deck at
Thu Jan 27 17:23:39 GMT 2000

I mount my win98 laptop directory on my linux box using:
smbmount //sushi/doug -c "mount /home/deck/sushi -u deck -g deck -f

This works great so long as I don't ever leave the house. If I take
the laptop away and then reconnect it, I can neither use
the directory /home/deck/sushi (I get "input/output error")
Nor can I unmout it or remount it. (I get "cannot resolve mount point"

So somehow samba gets screwed up when I go away. The only fix
I can find is to reboot the linux box. I've tried killing all
the samba smbd and nmbd daemons. That didn't help.  

I'm using samba V 2.05a with smbmount 1.9.18p10 
I can upgrade smbmount if this will help. I just grabbed the 
latest debian smbfsx_1.9.18p10-7.deb package. 


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