Backups using smbclient and smbd...

Will Curry squillis at
Wed Jan 19 17:10:25 GMT 2000

I'm trying to get a backup system going. I've got a script that will grab
all the files I need, but there are several gigs.  The command line i'm
using now is:

smbclient file://server/share XXXXX -Uuser -Tc /usr/tmp/share.tar /var/log*
/usr/home* etc...

This is taking too long for all of the servers.  What is the exact syntax so
I can backup changed/updated files in relation to the tar that the above
command would create?  I've tried:

smbclient file://server/share XXXXX -Uuser -TcN /usr/tmp/share.tar

but that is not working...

Any help is appreciated


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