Samba slow to Win98

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Wed Jan 19 14:06:03 GMT 2000

Ian Leonard wrote:
> >> If I use smbmount and copy a 180k file, it transfers in about 0 seconds
> >> (including unmounting).
> >>
> >> If I use smbclient and 'put' the file, it takes 14 seconds. I have heard
> >> of an MTU problem but can't see any configuration options.

	Ian then experimented with the buffer-size option of
	smbclient, and got an interesting set of numbers, which
	I plotted and am attaching as a .gif file.

	I'm used to sudden dropoffs in performance due to
	things like fragmentation/collisions on a busy net,
	but this is way to big a change to suit my intuition:
	I'm used to perfromance going from bad to horrid,
	not excellent to unspeakable...

	Comments/suggestions, anyone?

> I suppose it must be a 9x problem because NT doesn't do it.

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