Spooling Error

Jochen Eggemann Jochen.Eggemann at nfv.gwdg.de
Wed Jan 19 13:45:30 GMT 2000

Hi lprng, samba

  I'm sending this message to both samba amd lprng becuase I'm not
  sure who's to blame ;-)
  My setup: samba-2.06 on Linux SuSE 6.3, LPRng-3.6.13, IFHP-3.3.10.,
  clients: Win95b, Win98, NT 4.0
  When I print file that contain umlauts in the file name then the
  file gets spooled to the /tmp directory as it should, BUT
  all the umlauts, accents, or what ever you call this funny little
  things ontop of, or below the letters, have VANISHED and the file
  just sits there and is not processed by lpr.
  I suppose lpr gets the file name it should print WITH umlauts but
  since such a file name does not exist it can't do anything.
  Where do I start looking?
  I can create file names with umlauts on the network drives that are
  connected to the very same server. They turn out correct!


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