How to connect to two different Unix Accounts/Shares from Win-95, Win-98 ?? and Win-98

Shashikant Divekar Shashikant.Divekar at
Wed Jan 19 08:10:30 GMT 2000

Dear Samba Support ,
I have one question.
We have few users who use WIn-95 and Win-98.
Those users are in common groups under /etc/group.
Those users are required to edit/access files from each other's Unix
Accounts by using samba from their Windows-95 PC.

For example -
A user whose Win-95 user name is "tim" can successfully connect to
his unix account "tim" by using samba.
But in case he also want to access a Unix Account "Jim" from his Windows-95
account (which is "tim), how can it be done ?????

Note - This we are able to do from Windows-NT successfully. But Win-95 and
       Win-98 always try to connect to account "tim", since by that name
       the user has logged on to Win-95.

Thanking you in advance for your guidence.

Thanks and Regards
-Shashi Divekar
 Unix Sys. Admin
 Philips Semiconductors

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