Missing smb.conf

Jarle Igeltjørn jarle at chimney.no
Wed Jan 19 09:33:04 GMT 2000

I hope that someone can help me with this:
I hav always used Samba by installing the binaries. That has worked
But now I need the SSL-option - so I have to install it from the bottom.

I use redhad 6.0 - and samba 2.0.6.
First I removed the rpm of the existing installation(and deleted the
smb.conf in /etc).

Then I gunziped/untared the file in tmp.  In the source directory I did
the following:
./configure --with-ssl
make clean
make install

Everything without any error-messages.  But when I look in the folder
/usr/local/samba/lib/ it is only the codpages that have been installed -
not the smb.conf and other files that is needed.  The file is not
located under /etc/ either.  And I don't know if there are other missing
files either!

If someone have any ideas - I would appreciated it!

Jarle Igeltjoern
jarle at chimney.no

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