Access Denied

Paul Woods paul.woods at
Wed Jan 19 01:57:09 GMT 2000


I just installed Samba-2.0.5a_for_MacOSXServer on my server.  The local
smbclient works just fine and all the tests up to 7 run just fine.  At test
8 (net view //servername)  I receive this error message:  system error 5 has
occurred  access is denied.

I can see the smb server in my network neighborhood and I can mount it from
the UNIX host, but from any of the PC clients, I get the access is denied
error.  If I try to mount the server through the network neighborhood.  I
get an error that claims the account is not authorized to login from this

I have tried this with and without the hosts allow and there are currently
no entries for host deny.  I have tried this with passwords and without.

Which setting(s) is incorrect?  Any ideas?

Thank you,


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