SMBMount v2.05a

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Jan 18 18:58:05 GMT 2000

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Jones, Rich wrote:

> RedHat 6.0:
> 	works:	smbmount //win95machine/c /mnt/c
> 	failed:	smbmount "\\win95\c" -c `mount /mnt/c -u 123 -g 456`
> Slacware 7.0:
> 	failed:	smbmount //win95machine/c /mnt/c
> 	failed:	smbmount "\\win95\c" -c `mount /mnt/c -u 123 -g 456`
> 	Error Msg:   Device does not exist.


> Is there anything I can check for the smbmount to work properly?  or should
> I patch it.

Verify that you have the smb filesystem (smbfs) compiled for the running
kernel (in kernel or as a module) on the slackware box.

AFAIK samba 2.0.5 doesn't support -u/-g, but 2.0.6 does (different
syntax). Since you are using smbfs (or trying to :) you'll want 2.0.6
anyway for the smbmount bugfixes.


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