file corruption

Tommi Mäkitalo t.maekitalo at
Mon Jan 17 15:47:16 GMT 2000


I use samba on SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 (rs505a, oss497c, oss600a) as a
NT-Domainmember. With 2.0.3 everything was fine for months. After upgrading
to 2.0.5a we encountered filesystemcorruption so I downgraded back to 2.0.3.

2 weeks ago I reinstalled OpenServer and Samba. 2.0.3 and 2.0.5a did not
work at all. Logfile says "ERROR: root did not create the semaphore" and
"ERROR: Failed to initialise share modes!". 2.0.6 work, but we encounter
file corruption. Opening the same file with MS-Word sometimes work fine,
sometimes gives error messages. In the logfile I find:
  get_share_modes: process 26765 no longer exists
  get_share_modes: file with dev 168 inode 183144 empty

I have exported the filesystem through NFS and mounted it to a linuxbox and
there Samba 2.0.5a (and NFS) works great. No problems accessing the same

Tommi Mäkitalo
Dr. Eckhardt + Partner GmbH
t.maekitalo at

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