beginner question

Wim van den Berge wim at
Sun Jan 16 21:53:17 GMT 2000


I recently compiled Samba 2.06 on my SCO open server box. Besides one
minor warning, not real problems there. It's running, I can use the swat
but I can not get it to do the one simple thing I need it to do.

I want to have one share on my SCO box. Accessible from both windows 95
and 98. I want absolutely no security. Right now I can see the SCO box
in my
network neighborhood, but when I try to connect to it, it keeps
insisting on
a password for IPC$.

Could anybody help me out? From what I've read in the manual it should
possible. an example conf file would be greatly appreciated.


            Wim van den Berge.

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