findsmb patch

Jeff schaller at
Sun Jan 16 18:53:59 GMT 2000

Hello Herb, all.  I recently played a bit harder with Samba, as I'm
working on getting it set up for my sister (remotely). I came across
Herb's old 'findsmb' perl script which got me a lot further along than
I had been.  I wanted to note a small patch I made in order for the
script to deal with 'bad' characters in the machine names:

--- /usr/bin/findsmb    Mon Oct 12 20:03:10 1998
+++ findsmb     Sun Jan 16 10:30:11 2000
@@ -79,7 +79,8 @@

 # do an smbclient command on the netbios name.

-    open(SMB,"$SAMBABIN/smbclient -N -L $name -I $ip -U% |") ||
+    ($ename = $name) =~ s/"/\\"/g;
+    open(SMB,"$SAMBABIN/smbclient -N -L \"$ename\" -I $ip -U% |") ||
        die("Can't do smbclient command.\n");
     @smb = <SMB>;
     close SMB;

==> end diff

The patch just changes findsmb so that it changes any double-quote
marks in the name into escaped double-quote marks, then protects the
name from the shell with double-quote marks.  Otherwise, machines like
"Lauren's box" gave errors.  There may be a better way to do it, but
this fixed the error I saw, so :)

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