Samba Processes taking 95% of CPU

Hugh Evans hevans at
Sun Jan 16 22:09:03 GMT 2000

I am a new Linux/Unix user - had Linux installed by a consultant. 
Everything ran nicely for two weeks or so then Samba started acting 

RH 6.0 Linux Server / NT 4.0 SP5 clients - suddenly I am seeing a 
user Samba processes taking 95% -98% of CPU - basically bringing the 
server to its knees (users cannot authenticate and shares are not 
available). The user is not even logged onto the system. I can kill 
the process and generally everything goes back to normal - but about 
50% of the time Samba at root will shoot up to 95% CPU. I try to kill 
samba at root with KILL PID but am not able to kill the process. 
Requires a restart to clear up the mess. Has happened once a day over 
the last week. This can happen when I have only two NT users logged 
onto the system (typically I have 30-40 users during work hours).

If anyone can offer some suggestions on how to troubleshoot this 
problem and suggest solutions.. I would appreciate it.

Best regards,
Hugh Evans

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