Usenix LISA NT 2000 conference Call for papers

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Jan 11 23:53:41 GMT 2000

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Fyi folks,

Last year I served as co-chair for this conference (LISA-NT).
It provides a very good outlet for letting others know some 
of the extremely interesting sysadmin stuff you people are 
doing.  And because you run Samba I know you using Windows 
clients in some fashion. :-)

This year's conference is in Seattle, Washington, USA,
from July 30 - August 2.  Should be a very good program 
with respect to technical content.  I really believe
some of you could offer a lot of input with regards to 
NT administration, deployment and integration.  

The deadline for paper proposals is February 16 (that 
gives you about one month).  This deadline does **not** 
require a completed paper.  Just an abstract and proposal 
is fine.  The original call for papers is at

Here's a blurb about the conference itself...

> LISA-NT 2000 will bring together peers and experts in our
> field to discuss leading edge solutions that have a proven track
> record of working. LISA-NT is put together by and for
> Windows NT administrators who need solutions to problems
> such as integration, migration, security, and management using
> today's technology. We invite you to submit technical papers as
> well as proposals for invited talks, panel sessions, tutorials,
> and work-in-progress reports. There are also opportunities for
> Birds-of-a-Feather sessions and demonstrations of products
> and solutions. Please review this call for papers, prepare a
> submission, and join us in making LISA-NT 2000 the premiere
> conference for system administrators of distributed NT-based
> environments. 

If you have any specific questions regarding logistics,
etc..., send mail to <lisantchairs at>

btw...I have presented two papers in the past involving 
Samba and Windows NT.  If you want to see them as 
examples, the URL's are


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