Samba device that integrates Pc and Apple Networks

Reid, Rowan (GSP) ReidR at
Tue Jan 11 18:41:23 GMT 2000

I'm aware of that, but I have a client that wants a litttle device not
necesserily a new PC.
I though there was one available, prebuilt and configured. something that
functions like a dongle

Rowan [TSS]
Gerber Scientific Products

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"Reid, Rowan (GSP)" wrote:
> I remember a while back seeing someone mention a device that would
> an apple with a pcnetwork.
> basically it was a small box that had a samba server built in.  you would
> connect your mac to it with the
> other side connecting to the hub of a pcnetwork.  It would intern allow
> Apple shares to be viewed in network
> neighborhood, and macs to mount pc shares./ does this ring a bell with
> anyone.

Run Samba on your linux box for the PC clients, and run netatalk for the

Compile samba with --with-netatalk support, and then share the same
directory tree with both packages.



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