NT4 Workstation to Samba domain problem

Matthew Halliday matthewh at fesa.co.uk
Tue Jan 11 15:24:44 GMT 2000

    We have a small problem - again - only with NT4 workstation now.  We
are moving into the first phase of rollout of our samba server, but need
to go over to a domain setup from a workgroup.  If I change from a
workgroup to domain name, I get a message box that says:

   " Unable to connect to the domain controller for this domain.  Have
your administrator check your computer account on the domain".

The account is fine if I map a drive - it asks for a password then
carries on ok.  If I try to set up a computer account from NT Dr Watson
sticks his beak in and tells me there's a problem with rundll32 then
crashes the program.

I've got 2 machines with NT to sort out, and the rest are Win95.
They're fine.  I need the NT machines done first - one of them is mine!
They both have SP4.  Passwords are set to encrypted on smb.conf.
Can anyone help?

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