cups, samba and print queue....

tbsky_lee at tbsky_lee at
Tue Jan 11 02:47:16 GMT 2000

  we are using cups 1.0.4 and samba 2.0.6 here.
  cups is a really good printing system.
  (at we use printing = cups at smb.conf)
  windows client can print correctly, but they can not see
  queue status.
  the print manager of windows  allways shows blank.
  how to solve this problem?
  Any body got success to let windows client see the
  queue of the server ??
  thanks for help ....

 PS: our samba server connect 5 printers. all are  network printers.
         2 jetdirect (use port 9100)  3 lpd network printers (use port 515)
         so i don't know if local printers works or not....
         i install cups first(with binary) , then samba(rebuild the  source
rpm or
         compile from souce..)
         i think the step is correct...
         i turn on the debug level of samba. and i can see some information
         this :  (i print the win95 testprinter page from windows client)

        [2000/01/10 13:42:33, 6] printing/printing.c:get_printqueue(1041)
        QUEUE2: 1st    50   nobody     12     PrinterTestPage    258048

        so i think samba can find the queue status. but it can not
        transfer the status to windows client ....
        any solutions ?

   Best Regards,

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