cups, samba and print queue....

David Hamilton dhamilto at
Mon Jan 10 17:03:21 GMT 2000

tbsky_lee at wrote:
> Hello!
>   we are using cups 1.0.4 and samba 2.0.6 here.
>   windows client can print correctly, but they can not see
>   queue status.
>   the print manager of windows  allways shows blank.
>   how to solve this problem?
>   Any body got success to let windows client see the
>   queue of the server ??
>   thanks for help ....
>    Best Regards,
>    Tbsky

I had the same problem for some time and finally found a web page that
helped me out.  Unfortunately I can't remember the URL.  What I do have
though is my corrected Printcap and how it works.

lp|<Printer Alias>|HP LaserJet 4Si:\
        :sd=/var/spool/lpd/<Printer Alias>:\

To see the queue, you must queue the job within the machine and not
utilize the printer queue.  To accomplish that, you need to send the
data to port 9100.  I'm assuming you're using a networked printer since
I've not seen anybody that has had problems with a printer connected
locally.  I am still working out one glitch that prevents me from
effectively removing a print job.  If I attempt to delete a print job in
the queue, I get an error.

Good luck and I hope this helps,

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