Seeing two networks with Samba

Jared Davis aiken at
Sun Jan 9 18:32:08 GMT 2000

Hi there,

    I'm in our dorms at the university, and throughout the dorms we've got a
large windows network with shares on everyone's computer and things.  (dorm
network)  Inside our dorm, however, we've got a linux box doing ip
masquerading for an internal network.  The linux box has 2 ethernet cards,
one which talks to the internal network and one which talks to the dorm
network.  Our other computers are plugged into a hub, which is plugged into
the linux box.

    I've been using Samba and it works great for the internal network, but
the only problem is that we can't see the dorm network from the internal
machines.  (I'm not sure if we can or not from the Linux box, I'm not sure
how to do that.)  As you can probably imagine, the dorm network has a lot of
things on it that we'd like to be able to access.  So I'm wondering:

    a)  Is it possible to have Samba see the external network and the
internal network?
    b)  What will I need to know about each network to do this, (ips and
    c)  How would I go about setting it up?

    If you need more information, I can provide it... I don't know quite
what would be helpful... =)
    Thanks a lot!


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