vmware, host-only network can't browse??

John Salmon john at thesalmons.org
Mon Feb 7 18:03:30 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Priest <priest at thecrumb.com> writes:

>> Date:   Sat, 5 Feb 2000 12:51:58 -0800
>> From:   John Salmon <jsalmon at gw.thesalmons.org>
>> Subject: vmware, host-only network can't browse??

>> Problem:  'Unable to browse the network'
>> BUT if I just log in to Windows normally, the Network Neighborhood has
>> no entries and clicking on 'Entire Network' brings up an 'Unable to
>> browse the network' error.

Jim> You have a problem with your Windows network config - I don't think it has 
Jim> anything to do with your Samba config.  In Network Neighborhood - your own 
Jim> box should show up if nothing else...  In my experience Samba was easy - 
Jim> getting Windows working right was the chore...

Jim> I found this document in the Samba guide extremely helpful in 
Jim> troubleshooting my W98/Samba network setup...

Jim> http://us2.samba.org/samba/oreilly/using_samba/ch09_02.html

You're right.  It was not a samba problem.  The problem was with
the broadcast address on the virtual network.  Windows had a different
notion of the broadcast address from the rest of the world.  

I found it by pinging the broadcast address.  From one side (I don't
even remember if it was server or client) I didn't get a response from
the other address.  Is this worth mentioning in the troubleshooting
guides?  Once I knew where the problem was, I went through all the
places that the broadcast address could be set (ifconfig, TCP/IP
Properties) and made sure they were identical.  Voila!  A network


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