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Tom Hallewell hallewellt at
Sat Feb 5 05:14:26 GMT 2000

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but here goes-

I am very curious about samba-tng-alpha.0.0.  Does it recognize NT group
ID's?  Has the
WINS-flooding bug been fixed in the CVS version? Can I work around the
problem by running the 2.06 version of nmb instead of the tng one?

We have been running samba at Radio Free Asia for around 2 years now,
and are thrilled with it. We have about 450 ports and it's been working
great for us  We recently switched over to security=domain and are in
the process of moving our 23 network printers exclusively to samba.  

We have a major project coming up, which is a Linux server for digital
audio (1.5 TB RAID) and we desperately need to be able to protect 
our files from accidental (or malicious) deletion.  We will have around
220 authorized users who need to be distributed into about 10 groups 
(on this particular server) and it's going to be a pain in the neck 
(though not impossible) to have to administer them all on a
PDC, an isolated mail server and this new audio server.  

Does anyone know what is a realistic timeframe for a stable (or at least
a beta that
won't crash my WINS server) release with rudimentary NT Domain Group
support?  Once
a snapshot exists that won't bring down our network, Radio Free Asia
will be honored to 
test it-since this server will be new to our environment, it won't be as
critical for everything to work 
"perfectly" at first.  

In the meantime, does anyone know of any cool kludges to synchronize my
user/group data between the
PDC and samba to tide us over until such a release? 
I have been playing around with the various NT->samba UID/GID import
utilities, and they seem like a good way to get a starting point, but
they also seem tough to keep syncronized.

I guess I have a lot of questions, hope someone can help...
Tom Hallewell
Radio Free Asia

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