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Chuck Rewood riwut at
Sat Feb 5 05:33:59 GMT 2000

Hi all,

We just set up an samba server to connect 4 different networks as follows:

  Network A/28----
  Network B/27----- IP(1) on NetWork D/28      
                 |       | (Samba server on FreeBSD)
  Network C/27----       |
(all Windows client)     |
                    IP(2) on Network D/28----Network E/28
                    (NT-Server)            (Windows Client)

The samba server serve WINS server to:

     Network A, Network B, Network C and Network E

(all computers ini those network are configured to have WINS resolution
from samba server)

My problem is:

 1. Computer from Network A can not resolve the NETBIOS name of
    computer from Network B, also from Network B to Network C, 
    network A to Network C and vice versa. EXCEPT we directly
    point the IP address like \\

 2. Computer from Network E can not access the samba server and
    other computer from Network A, B and C.

 3. Computer from Network A,B and C can access samba server and use the
    server for network authentification, but computer from Network E can't

IP(1) on Network D/28 is samba server
IP(2) on Network D/28 is NT Server

How could I resolve these problems ? What configuration should I use ?

I really need help from the expert. 

Thank you,

Chuck Rewood

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