Network neighborhood problems

Thu Feb 3 03:51:46 GMT 2000

I have setup a small office of 6 win95/98 workstations and a Samba share
(SuSE, Samba 2.0.6) on a P90 with 32MB of RAM and 2, 2GB HD’s.  File sharing
and PDC functions work perfectly (better than any NT machine).  However, I
cannot get the samba computer to show up in network neighborhood.  I set the
netbios name to SAMBA and wins = yes.  When I go to start => run and type
<\\samba>, the samba shares show up.  Could it be that most of the computers
in the office are PII’s and faster?  Or does it have something to do with
the argument os level = xx, I have tried os level = 1,  = 43 and 65 but
nothing seems to make it show up in any computers network neighborhood.  Any

Chris A. Leppink
IT Developer
NetworkG Interactive
(310) 724-6722

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