samba and nt logon scripts for win9x - running a program

John Ryan jryan at
Thu Feb 3 00:24:10 GMT 2000

Not really a samba question, however
> Howdy folks, been playing with win9x domain logon scripts to ease my admin 
> tasks with a few clients and having trouble with one item.  Basically what I 
> want to have happen is each monday at first logon, the script would run the 
> latest antivirus definition updater, the user would click yes to run it once 
> the dialogue popped up and be done in 15-30secs or so.
Here's how I do it:
Download the definitions file and rename it Newdef.exe
In the logon script I do: 

Put the above command all on one line.  The /Q is the parameter you're
looking for (means quiet).  My users never know it's happenning.
The only thing you'll have to change is the 20000124.001
> v:\????i32.exe or v:\*i32.exe it doesn't work. Any ideas on how to get around 
You can't use wildcards for a command. rename it to newdef.exe
> this?  Basically I have a cron job setup to download the latest update file
How do you do that?  I have to do it manually, because inside Norton's
virus definition directory are several files and the name changes with the
date they create them.  Let me know please.

> each saturday and dump it in the netlogon share (for testing purposes now, 
> I'll eventually setup a dedicated share for updates at logon).
> Also does anyone know any way to use the update file without user 
> intervention? I checked it by running "0124i32.exe /?" from the command line 
> and there aren't any switches it mentions for running in non-interactive 
> mode.
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