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Bob Hillegas bhille at
Wed Feb 2 20:00:42 GMT 2000

> Here is the problem, if I first map the [netlogon] service to v: and in
> same directory have the latest def updates, ie 0124i32.exe and in the
> say v:\0124i32.exe all is fine. However if I use a wildcard like
> v:\????i32.exe or v:\*i32.exe it doesn't work. Any ideas on how to get
> this?  Basically I have a cron job setup to download the latest update
> each saturday and dump it in the netlogon share (for testing purposes now,
> I'll eventually setup a dedicated share for updates at logon).
> Also does anyone know any way to use the update file without user
> intervention? I checked it by running "0124i32.exe /?" from the command
> and there aren't any switches it mentions for running in non-interactive
> mode.

What I do is rename 0124i32.exe to Update.exe. Next I put a shortcut on each
desktop which executes
//server/share/Update.exe. Then I resend a canned e-mail to Update your
virus definitions. People that
resist doing this on their own, get a scheduled task added to their desktop
when I discover a very old
definition. Not great, but it almost works.
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