samba and nt server logon scripts for win9x - running a program

Harondel J. Sibble help at
Wed Feb 2 14:59:01 GMT 2000

Howdy folks, been playing with win9x domain logon scripts to ease my admin 
tasks with a few clients and having trouble with one item.  Basically what I 
want to have happen is each monday at first logon, the script would run the 
latest antivirus definition updater, the user would click yes to run it once 
the dialogue popped up and be done in 15-30secs or so.

Here is the problem, if I first map the [netlogon] service to v: and in that 
same directory have the latest def updates, ie 0124i32.exe and in the script 
say v:\0124i32.exe all is fine. However if I use a wildcard like 
v:\????i32.exe or v:\*i32.exe it doesn't work. Any ideas on how to get around 
this?  Basically I have a cron job setup to download the latest update file 
each saturday and dump it in the netlogon share (for testing purposes now, 
I'll eventually setup a dedicated share for updates at logon).

Also does anyone know any way to use the update file without user 
intervention? I checked it by running "0124i32.exe /?" from the command line 
and there aren't any switches it mentions for running in non-interactive 

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