Samba disappearing from WINS

William Knox wknox at
Wed Feb 2 14:19:44 GMT 2000

We are running samba 2.0.4b to provide corporate print services.
Everything with regards to printing is working like a charm. However,
twice in the past two weeks, some of our Samba servers have disappeared
from the WINS servers. The WINS servers are NT servers running 4.0SP5. 

The strangest part was that in one occurrence, it was the lone samba
server at one location, but in the other occurrence, it was four samba
servers in another location (two different subnets) over one weekend.

I saw nothing about this on a search of the samba lists that was less
than a year and a half or so old (with regards to versions of 1.9.17).
Is this something anyone else has seen? Is there a workaround of any
			Bill Knox
			Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst
			The MITRE Corporation

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