Samba and Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Edition

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Thu Aug 31 08:21:10 GMT 2000


I am new to this list, and I haven't seen anything in the FAQ or the last 6
months of the discussion on this topic.

Our clients (WinNT 4.0 SP4 and later) work well with the Samba 2.0.5a on Redhat
6.1.  However, when we also install NAV Enterprise edition (the kind that
updates from a server instead of from the Internet directly) my clients are no
longer able to:
	1) browse the Samba server (although they can find it).
	2) login to the samba server.
People who are using the NT server can still login, use and broswe the NT server
(it also has NAV stuff installed though).

Does NAV change some protocol?  It adds some dll, but it doesn't show up in the
network properties, so I don't know if it is changing netbui or changes the
login somehow.

Does anyone know how I can track this?

Has anyone else heard this?

Could it be Samba's fault?

Thanks in advance.


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